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Picasso Business Center Ⓡ does not have access to the banking and financial details of our clients. We work with the prestigious international payment platform PayPalⓇ to which we redirect from our website accepting the credit and debit cards MastercardⓇ, VisaⓇ and American ExpressⓇ, the payment process being carried out independently of Picasso Business Center Ⓡ, once the payment process is complete, PayPalⓇ redirects you to our website.

· Revolut Bank UAB is a private limited liability company whose bank branch established in Spain is registered with number 1583 in the Bank of Spain (www.bde.es), registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid (www.rmercantilmadrid.com) in Volume 44863, Book 0, Folio 1, Section 8, Sheet M789831, Registration 1), CIF: W0250845E and with address at Calle Principe de Vergara 132, Oficinas Lexington, 4th floor, 28002, Madrid.

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Compare the packages here and, once paid, contact our staff to start expanding your company's presence in Malaga.
€108.90 with VAT
€10.89 with VAT
€544.50 with VAT
€54.45 with VAT
€1149.50 with VAT
€114.95 with VAT
Locate your business on Google Maps in Spain to strengthen trust and facilitate your sales to European customers, with a market of 448 million people.
  • Location of the physical headquarters of your company in the financial center of Malaga .
  • Immediate notification by email of postal correspondence.
  • Reception service, with immediate notification by email.
  • Exclusive telephone number for your company.
  • Call transfer service.
  • Personalized telephone attention to calls answering on behalf of your company in english and spanish, with immediate notification by email.
  • Your website with a .es or .eu domain, consolidating your company in Europe.
  • Travel freely on your vacations and work trips.
  • Remain calm and safe because your business will be attended to during your work absences.

1Maximum duration of postal custody 1 year, in parcel there is no custody. Maximum parcel dimensions: 10kgs and 1m x 1m x 1m. We accept receipt of certificates. Scanning maximum 6 pages per letter including the outside of the envelope (add €0.50 per additional page). Internal scanning and postal/parcel forwarding after receiving mandatory signed legal permission. All correspondence received and forwarded will be inspected for security reasons. The taxes and customs that the competent authorities require from the customer to receive the forwarded correspondence and/or parcel will be borne by the customer. The registration in Google Maps or Google My Business of only one commercial, fiscal, social or business name per contracted office will be allowed.

tax domiciliation
Format of registration in Google Maps of your business address

Instructions to register your business in Google Maps
Click here and follow these instructions to register your business on Google Maps

2Required €10+vat of provision of funds for callbacks. Check call rates (+info). Monthly sending of call summary.

3Sending a fax by email received, suspicious spam shipments, indiscriminate faxes and the like will not be accepted. Monthly sending of call summary. Sending and notifications of faxes is operational from 9am to 6pm from Monday to Friday except December 25th and January 1st. Outside these hours, the faxes will be queued until they are executed during said working hours. The reception of faxes is operational 24h/365d.

4Check postal rates (+info).

5Ideal for foreign businessmen who do not speak spanish or spaniard businessmen who do not speak english, sending the telephone conversation by email. €100+vat required to provide funds for calls answered: for each call answered will be charged €1+vat/call plus €2+vat/started minute. Monthly sending of call summary. Calls are answered in spanish and english, if you need telephone service in more languages (french, german and/or italian) to the monthly fee (€95/month+vat) you must add €50/month+vat for each idiom.

company domiciliation in Malaga
company domiciliation in Andalusia
company domiciliation in Spain
Letter we received with your Google My Business verification code to address your business in Malaga

6Ideal for foreign businessmen who do not master the Spanish language, sending the telephone conversation by email. Necessary €30+VAT to provide funds for calls made: for each call made you will be charged €30+VAT/call as a management fee. No sales are made, only business calls are managed. Monthly sending of call summary.

7Domain .ES or .EU + website redirection. To register a .ES or .EU domain, the domain owner must be a natural person (not a company) residing in European territory (citizen of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland). You will need to send the scanned national identity document and the number of said document. In the event that the domain holder is from the United Kingdom or Gibraltar, he will not be able to maintain .ES or .EU domains due to Brexit. If you do not meet this requirement, we can register the domain in the name of the Picasso Business Center representative, and then enable it for you. This alternative has no additional cost.

8Installation of website with Wordpress or online shop with self-managed Prestashop + GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation).

9Interview conducted by email or phone about your business with a minimum of 1500 words, a photo and a video published on our blog in 54 languages, positioning your company, SEO and brand image on the Internet. Interview only available in "Complete Annual Fee".

10Registration in two Spanish business directories: Negocios24 and Infoisinfo, and one in the United States: Sitejabber.

11The contract that you will sign will be written only in Spanish, since our company is Spanish and the services we provide are carried out in Spain.

12In case you do not have a professional website, we provide you with a simple web design with a professional privileged domain www.yourbusiness.picassobusinesscenter.es and prestigious commercial email redirected to yours yourbusiness@picassobusinesscenter.es, hosting for life in exclusive secure web hosting SSL/TLS with spanish IP. Service only available in annual contracts. Necessary data: 1 main image 1920x1080 px, 1 product/service image 960x1080 px, description of three products/services (254 characters maximum for each product/service), contact email, telephone, google maps link (you must request the letter of google my business with the assigned address of the Picasso business center), customer service hours and links from social networks (facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, instagram and/or youtube). Drafting of the optional GDPR (european general data protection regulation) and cookie notice: €45 + VAT (single payment).

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